Monday, July 2, 2007

Japanese Invasion

Just kidding, but around here lately we have had several Japanese bike builders come in for a visit. We were absolutely honored and humbled by the presence of none other than Go Takimine from the world famous Bratstyle in Japan. Check out is inspirational and innovative work at Go visited once before a couple years back. Go is one of the most influential bike builders on the planet right now. He stuff is nothing sort of awe-inspiring.

Go came along with his friend Yone from Bull-Original in Yokahama. Yone's Big Twin flathead was recently seen in DICE! magazine, Yone is a talented bike builder and exceptional seat maker. Check him out at You will not be disappointed.

We also had Natsuki Sakurai of Swallowtail Motorcycles. His shop is more of a catch all repair shop for Japanese bikes, British bikes and Harleys too. But he is a big fan of all things CUSTOM British and Harley. We could not really communicate, but we speak the same language, knowwhatimean?

Thanks for coming by guys!! Japan ROCKS!!! BANZAI !!!!

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