Monday, July 30, 2007

The CHOP-OFF Bike Progresses. . . .

Well we have the transmission all figured out. After a bumpy start we figured out because of chain clearance we would have to lower the trans as much as possible. So we cut and lowered, lowered and cut. Then we slugged the frame and made adjuster plates much like the ones seen on triumph rigid framed bike of the 1938 to 1954 era. they look like scaled up plates. Next all we have to do is continue boxing up the frame to make up for all the meat we took out of it. Jeff is doing most of the work, I am mostly supervising. We started lining up sprokets too, and it looks like we are off to Mike Parti's place for some custom spacers. The tank mounts are done, too and we are starting to eyeball the rear fender and sissy bar. Ever onwards. . . . .oh yea, and we figured out the pipes too. Often times, a bike will tell you what it wants for different pieces while you are building it. The bike told us we needed to use cocktail shakers. Unfortunately, I had run out of the smaller sized ones and my regular supplier of shakers was ALL OUT. Panic city until good friend of the shop Kit saw fit to return a pair he bought from me a few months back. Talk about a SACRIFICE!! Thanks Kit, you rock!!

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