Monday, October 22, 2007

Finishing up the Brent A Project

It has been too long coming (sorry Brent) but I am putting the finishing touches on Brent's crazy pre-unit. Actually it turned out to be a little more traditional than I thought it was gonna be. The frame is raked a little bit and the frame is stretched about three inches to fit a slightly taller guy a little better. The idea on this one was to make it look like a fifty year old bike, so we used only good used stuff on it with some character and patina. If it was new or refinished, it was thrown out. After some breaking in, we are going to strip it all back down and paint it black, but we are gonna leave the old crusty parts, well. . . old and crusty. We hope to end up with something that looks like it just got loose from an old barn. The handlebars are Biltwell Inc., Frisco bars ( and the fishtails are an old MCM catalogue item from the early 1950's. They have an awesome sound and shape to them. It has an Alton alternator and Joe Hunt magneto for some seriously updated electrical.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Yep, we are super-duper proud of bringing home the Trophy for our 1960's showbike inspired creation. There was some stiff competition from Brewdude of Brew Racing Frames ( and Chandler Originals in Florida ( but at the end the crowd just liked ours better I guess. Both of the other competitors had some serious engineering in the bikes, but at the end of the day, i think the one and only Nick-O-Teen's paint and inspiration body work ruled the day.

Big thanks to the Horse Backstreet Choppers,, for hooking up an awesome show.

SMOKE OUT WEST Bringing Home the Bacon. . .

Well if you wonder why it has been quiet around here lately, it is because we have been busting our humps to get the bike for the Horse Backstreet Chopper Smoke-Out West Chop Off done. HUGE thanks to Jeff L, Andy J. and Uncle Frank K. their superhuman efforts to help out on the project. They did all the hard work on the bike. And our efforts were richly rewarded by FIRST PLACE at the Show. It was a people's choice award so it makes it even more gratifying. First a pic of the bike, these are taken right before we left. You get the idea.