Thursday, August 30, 2007


We are back from Bonneville and ready for some serious catching up. To all of our patient customers, a BIG thanks. Chuck upped his record at the Salt and I had a personal best of 5 MPH over last year, but I am still under 100 MPH. I blew up my primary and broke off my new carburettor spigots. I even got chased down the course by a car!! We had tons of fun though. A big thanks once again to our sponsors Biltwell, Inc., ( Patterson Engineering and Steve Moody. Without their help, it would have been a LOT more difficult. Here are a smattering of pics from the trip.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Well as of Thursday we are OFF to Bonneville for Speed Week 2007. Yes, the intrepid Chuck Zeglin and I are headed off to seek our fortune at the Great Salt Flat. Coming along for the absolute FUN of it all and to help us out incalculabley is CHRIS Collins of our Brothers in Arms over at Biltwell, Inc. Check out all the new stuff at, when I get back you can buy it all from me. Biltwell was kind enough this year to sponsor us at the Flats. Chris went with us last year and had a blast. Once again he will be our Wingman and Rastafarian Spiritual Advisor. Here are a couple pics of the bikes. Both bikes have changed since last year. Chuck's looks like a restoration, but also packs WAY more punch since he installed the 250cc Big Bore kit and the old tried and true R Code Cam. A 276 Carb and a GP Float are new too. My bike is the same bike essentially but with some SERIOUS head and piston work, and a new gas tank that accomodates the new dual carb spigots that are now welded on. We love ruining stock parts around here and yes, dear purists that is a 1951 close pitch finned head I destroyed for racing. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thanks go out to Gary Swan of Toad Town Racing and Frank Brewer, ex of Triumph of Burbank, both were Jack Hateley trained back in the day. Frank and Gary are Ascot alumnus from back when Ascot was SOMETHING. Frank and Gary helped me immesurably with my head, barrell and pistons. Without them I would probably be going slower than last year. Thanks guys.