Wednesday, July 11, 2007

THE HD 45 Project. The Smoke Out Chop Off Bike

Well we have been thrashing away at the "Ha-Rumph." I did not get a harumph out of you!! I call it that, Jeff is not the biggest fan of that moniker, though. But we have been slamming away at it, trying to get some tank mounts done, trying to figure out the rear fender and generally putting metal to metal and welding it up.
We found some nicer heads than what we had from my old buddy Doug "the Dragon" out in my old stomping ground of Tallahassee, Florida. THANKS DOUG, what do I owe you??!! We also have been making bungs, and motor and tank mounts today. Or hell, I should just be honest and say JEFF has been making all this stuff. I have just been "supervising" so far.

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