Thursday, January 3, 2008

TRIUMPH Hardtails The David Bird Connection

David Bird is a talented guy in the midwest who likes to make things out of metal. For us that means HARDTAILS and lots of them. David is making a hardtail for the venerable Triumph 650cc and 500cc unit construction motorcycle. They come in zero stretch, 2 inch over, 4 inch over and 6 inch over. He is also making them for the 1954 to 1959 Triumph swingarm pre-units. This is something the market has been demanding for some time now. Unit 500 and 650 tails are $250 plus shipping and handling and the pre-unit tails are $525 plus shipping and handling. Custom frames for the BSA A65 are available as well. These frames and hardtail sections are beautiful and and of top quality construction. You can get them through FOUR ACES. Please contact us at the shop for your custom built hardtail or frame.

These frames are MADE TO ORDER and usually take a week or two to get out to you. Order now, there is sure to be a backlog.