Thursday, December 20, 2007


WOW, look at this totally cool stocker. It is a 1953 Triumph Thunderbird. Guy calls me up and say he has this bike and wants to get it running. I ask if it is all together and he says "yes." Of course I don't believe him because everyone says that. Then he shows up and this thing is NUT AND BOLT together and about 98% stock after all these years. Un-freakin-believeable!! So he wants to get it going for his brother for Christmas. A completely noble endeavor. The mag does not spark, but I clean the carb, set the valves, adjust the transmission and put in a good sparking mag and BAM it fires up third kick. Bo is the brother who painstakingly put it together from the grandfather's basketcase and Jason is the guy who brought it in. It was GREAT to fiddle with this old stocker and get it back on the road. Thanks for bringing it in, Jason!! What a great tribute to brotherly love.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What is up at the shop these days?

Here is some of the stuff we have been working on lately. Andy's panhead got an early Triumph front end. Looks bitchin', eh? Like an old survivor from a Roger Corman movie.

My crusty pre-unit custom has been coming along at a snail's pace. I finally got the swoopy pipes of my dreams put on there. These pipes were aftermarket items from the early 1950s and way out of production by 1960. They are super rare, and if I do say so myself, SUPER-COOL.

And there is always a motor going together on the bench. This one belongs to a buddy's brother and is gonna get the old Four Aces Beauty Treatment with tumbled cases, polished covers and re-cad plated hardware.
Oh and don't forget I have a couple of Denis' oil tanks in stock now. get one for a Christmas present for yourself at $210 plus shipping. THEY ARE NICE!!