Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Stockers, Hats off to the Doughboy

Haha. I know Keith hates that but Bryan Burke, tattoo artist extraordinaire knew him when he was...well... Doughboy. Keith is now the Captain of the Ship at Big D Cycles. Bryan worked at Big D in Dallas, TX years ago when Jack Wilson was the boss. Ahhh the stories Bryan and Keith have to tell about Mr Wilson. Anyway, Bryan has his Grandfather's 1970 Bonneville that was lovingly and correctly restored by Big D when Keith was just a whippersnapper, well maybe second in command at Big D. I had a shot at getting it back on the road after a few years of slumber and it was a great pleasure to work on it. The bike was set up just right, I kept saying as I worked on it, "damn, why did they do that?" Then I would say "ahhh because they are freakin good at this stuff THATS WHY!!" So look for Bryan cruising Hollywood soon and visit his new tattoo shop DARKHORSE TATTOO at 4630 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027 - (323) 665-7345. And hey, if you talk to Keith, tell him Wes said "go to hell."

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Matt said...

nice bike, Bryan gave me my first tattoo when I lived in LA 10 years ago. Really cool guy - glad to see he is doing well with motorcycles and his work.

Matt Smith