Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cycle Nerd #4 Sign Kit

I first met Kit at the old Long Beach Swap Meet, not sure how long ago. Where deals and friends are made. Kit was putting together a Triumph from a pile of greasy parts. We horse traded, we kicked tires. Kit built the motor BY HIMSELF, yes it can be done. Fast forward a few months and Kit has this far out, super clean, understated Triumph custom. Talk about garage built. He nailed it. And yes, he rides it too. Slab City Riot a couple of times, Beerbooters in San Diego from Redondo Beach. Lots and lots of miles. Now he is building another one. Sign painter by trade, Kit knocked out the badass artwork on my van. Kit showed up at a local watering hole when it ws 30 degrees in a tee shirt too, props! Kit is doing it and he is a super nice guy to boot.

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