Wednesday, June 3, 2020

(AD) OSANG HEALTHCARE ., ltd COVID-19 diagnostic kit!


OSANG HEALTHCARE ., ltd  COVID-19 diagnostic kit company is expected to be further enhanced once the PCR method for microbial pathogen detection.

The PCR technique was recently approved as a draft international standard (DIS) by ISO/TC 212. The draft is to define procedures and methods as to nucleic acid amplification-based in-vitro diagnosis applicable to various infectious diseases. The standard can be applied to the real-time PCR method that the manufacturers employ. This means the development of international standards related to in-vitro tools based on that technique will be led by South Korea.

Contact a Sales Specialist 

With the fact that it is close to impossible to locate all of new business opportunities, however I will be more than happy to explore opportunity youhave.

Before we proceed, please help me better familiar with your company/partners and the opportunity you have.

May I have following information please?

1) Company introductory slides, EIN, W-9 forms, and website address for all parties involved including exporter, importer, reseller, broker and end client.

2) What is the exact item you are looking for? There are different type of diagnostic test for the COVID-19 if you are aware (i.e rapid kit, antigen/antibody, PCR …)

3) Do you have existing relationship in place with your client or are you building up relationship from the ground? .

4) Name (s) of Government Agencies, and/or hospital/lab chains you are working with. FDA requires Osang to report who end clients be with their physical address

5) Time-lined demand estimate (i.e. 4/2-4/10 500,000 tests, 4/11-17 1,000,000 tests and so on

6) Any evidential document on the said opportunities (i.e. PO, Contract, RFQ/Solicitations, LOI, or email correspondences that prove you are working with the said end clients) – Singlemost important fact whether we want to go after this opportunity.

7) Full name of a person in contact of end client (buyer/user of the test kit )

More detailed you provide information, better I can assist you with the opportunity you have.

Please understand that one of my jobs is to avoid conflict of interest among our existing and new distributionship partners.

As you requested, we will set up a conference call, make a fast decision and move once we get all the information we need in place

if you have any questions E-mail or Call me

Thank you.

E-mail :
Cell : +821066175366

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