Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh how I love thee Tom Fugle Belt...


1) Its freaking cool, not because the johnney come lately jackasses who did not know what a Cone Shovel was LAST week THINK that I should think that Tom Fugle belts are cool, but because it is a piece of MADE IN AMERICA biker history.

2) It was designed by DAVE FREAKIN MANN. This guy is not just a bonified legend, but because he DEFINED, ILLUSTRATED and LIVED the motorcycle lifestyle till the day he died and influenced each and every one of us wet behind the ears nerds who sneaked a peek at their neighbor's Easy Rider magazines when they were 8 years old.

3) It just feels great when you touch it, you feel like a part of something besides your own snively little world where you change a few handlebars and call youself a bike builder while working your day job and spreading your own brand of look at me internet commando horseshit. Hopefully it makes you realize you are a no talent absolute beginner who never has really done anything.

4) It humbles me and makes me feel like a wet behind the ears nerd, handlebar changer dipshit with no talent, because it makes me realize that we are not even standing on the shoulders of giants, we are groveling at the feet of these giants (Mann, Parti, Kaisler, Fugle, Ness) and always will be.

5) It has choppers on it.


Help said...

Hay isn't that Tom guy from the midwest...hehe


Tom Is The SHit.. long live the KING!

stanley gunn said...
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