Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't Forget we do machine work, Valve Jobs, Crank Grinds, Cylinder boring.

All the stuff you need for your do it yourself motor rebuild. If you can't find it local, ship it out. It needs to be done RIGHT.


burnsy said...

I was wondering if someone could help with some info.I am replaceing cyl. head on my early 70ish bonny650 eng.The head I hooked up with is in great shape but the counterbores for the push rod tubes are not as deep as the ones in my bad head and it woun't set down.Do I need tubes from a different year?Any words of wisdom would be great.P.S.Thank Wes for all your work in the two vidios.As a 10 yr.,they have made getting this far a blast.

fouraces said...

If you have an earlier head, and it sounds like you do, then you will need the tappet blocks and pushrod tubes to make them fit. Send me some pics of what you got and I can maybe help out