Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good to be Free!

Four Aces got best Competition Bike for the Lakester that get 30 miles a year (all of them full tilt boogie!!) and BEST Shovelhead. . . Wait did you say best SHOVELHEAD??!! Yep, we put one together for Ryan and it won at Grant, Harpoon and Mike's Born Free Show a few weeks back. Who is your daddy?!


rumrunner said...

I would like to suggest here:


Seriously, thanks again to FOUR ACES BEST IN THE WEST. I said it at the show and I'll say it here, you guys gave us a great canvas and we made it extra girlie by puttin' birds on it and flew home with the win!

Chris K said...

Good work. The birdie paint sealed it. I judged the Shovelhead class at the show. Does that make me your Daddy?