Monday, February 2, 2009

Ummmm, the Office Called, We have YOUR DADDY!!

That is right folks we have your Daddy. I am not one to brag (too much) but this latest thing means a lot to me. The #14 Bike, the Vukovich Special, was entered into the 2009 Grand National Roadster Show two weeks ago by its owner, the Editor of Cycle World Magazine, David Edwards. The show is known for classifying your bike into some weird places, so we ended up in the TRACK AND RACER Class. Nonetheless, Old #14 took FIRST in its Class. Super duper.


Wayne S. said...

Congrats, but I wonder, did you wear your tight pants and green bandana while building this bike?

Unknown said...

well done wes, a fine looking machine. I hope it gets ridden.